Beyond the Degree: Exploring Entrepreneurship as a Pathway to Professional Fulfillment™
It has been said that “your dream determines your goals, your goals map out your actions, and your actions create results.” Create your own road map to success – enjoy the journey because you know where you’re going! This course will help you identify the skills you need to make transitions from school to work or to additional education. Using simulation activities, you’ll learn practical tools for taking charge of your future in an ever-changing employment market.


Breaking Barriers. Pressing Forward: 5 Keys for Being An Empowered First-Generation Scholar™
A young Black woman raised in a low-socioeconomic and single-parent home. Survivor of abuse. One who struggled with weight, anxiety, and depression. First in the family to go to college to a Ph.D. at 28. Dr. Eve is no stranger to adversity and going through life when the odds seem stacked against you. This talk is designed to inspire, uplift, and empower your participants, undergraduates and/or graduates, to overcome obstacles, realize their potential, and keep pressing forward in their endeavors.


Run the Day: How to Be A More Productive First-Generation Scholar
Productivity isn’t just about finding more time in a day, or even working harder, but making the most out of the time that one does have. In this session, participants will learn how to focus on the right things, create more balance, and ultimately better manage their most invaluable resource.


Tassels to the Left: Navigating Adulthood As A First-Generation College Graduate™
Mama always said to enjoy being a kid! However, that didn’t stop anyone from having to grow up and being grown does NOT have to suck. The purpose of this session is to help your participants gain clarity about their next steps and create a blueprint to successfully navigate their personal and professional journey, feel confident about their choices, and have peace of mind.


Unduplicated and Unafraid: Cultivating Confidence as a First-Generation Scholar™
Confidence is an asset that’s critical for one’s success–the key ingredient in an individual’s satisfaction personally and professionally. In this session, participants will learn how to be more confident so they can overcome obstacles, feel empowered and positive, and truly get the most from life.


Wings and Hoods: 5 Tactics for How to Flourish as A First-Generation Graduate Student™
With less than 11% of first-generation college students graduating within six years, it is no surprise that pursuing advanced studies comes with unparalleled challenges. The purpose of this session is to help participants create a master plan for confidently navigating graduate school and professional studies.